At the gates of the Queyras, the Ceillac valley will blow you away! After driving 8km through its sublime steep sided lower gorge, you come out onto a wide sunny plateau! The village and its inhabitants will share all the riches of the place with you. These include the two adjoining valleys the Cristillan and the Melezet as well as the four high lakes.
At Ceillac there are trekking routes to please both the tentative and the more ambitious! Two GR cross the Cristillan and the Melezet valleys, the GR58 and the GR5 alongside many other routes large and small some of which will lead you up to Lake Miroir, Lake Ste-Anne or Lake Clausis. Others will take you up above the 3000m mark.. Why not take advantage of one of the local mountain guides (accompagnateurs) whose knowledge and advice will enrich your outing? Some will even offer a donkey to carry your bags! Other more unusual activities like paragliding allow you to discover the mountains from an altogether different angle.

Queyras Magazine winter 2016/2017