Lakes and summits

Although famous for its 300 days of sunshine per year, Queyras is far from a barren valley. Water is a major component. Whether the Guil and its tributaries, including the orographic basin geographically represents the Regional Natural Park of Queyras, the numerous mountain lakes where many waterfalls whose fame Cascade Piss, water is pervasive throughout the country. It is an economic and cultural engine of these high mountain valleys.
Queyras highest point is the Pic de la Font Sancte (3385 m) peak overlooking the village resort and the slopes of Ceillac. Mont Viso (3841m) summit of iconic Queyras is located in the Piedmont, the Tour of Viso passes through the Queyras and the Guil takes its souce at the foot of Mount Viso.
Many other peaks are the hallmark of Queyras: Béal the ferry, the Pic de Rochebrune, the Sugar Loaf, the Asti Pic, Bric Bouchet, the Bric Froid, Grand Queyras, the Taillante, Head of Toilies, Point of Saume.
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