Perched at 2042m of altitude, Saint Véran is not only the highest village in Europe; it is also one of the most beautiful villages in France. The village was once known as Le Travers (the traverse) as it is over a kilometer long, spread out over the Beauregard mountain. Saint Véran well deserves its title of highest village in Europe as its inhabitants can boast about the fact that they eat bread made with cereals cultivated in the surrounding fields.
The highest village in Europe can also be proud of its clear and pure air as it is one of the most favored sites in Europe for observing and studying the sky. The “Pic de Chateau Renard” observatory is also the highest in Europe as it is to be found at 2930m of altitude moreover it is only a short trek away from the village. Mountaineering and climbing enthusiasts will feast themselves on the numerous and easily accessible summits that surround Saint Véran such as the “Tete des Toillies” or the “Rouchon”. The cliffs situated above the Blanche mountain refuge are equipped with sport climbing routes of all levels.